Message from the Management

...for patient comfort. To support the zest for living President and CEO Keisuke Suzuki

Japan Lifeline started as an import company for cardiac pacemakers in 1981. Expanding our product lineup, we have been extending our business as a full-service distributor specializing in the cardiovascular field. In 1999 we began development of in-house products. In 2001, we marketed our first guide wire and began down the path of business expansion both as a full-service distributor and as a manufacturer.

In recent years, circumstance surrounding the medical device industry has brought changes. The Japanese government’s national growth strategy has promoted development and introduction of new medical devices to strengthen international competitiveness. At the same time, medical costs have risen year by year and rebuilding public finance to maintain the social security system for the future is becoming an urgent issue. As part of the measures to control medical costs, the official reimbursement prices of existing medical devices have continuously been reducing.

Japan Lifeline recognizes these changes in the business environment as an opportunity to develop in-house products in response to the diverse needs of the Japanese medical practice as well as to introduce medical devices for minimally invasive treatments that have high economic efficiency in medical care. Our group's one-of-a-kind in-house products such as the Internal Atrial Cardioversion System and the open stent-graft have been effectively marketed. As a result, sales for the in-house products manufactured by Japan Lifeline and its group companies, including the EP and ablation catheters and the vascular graft, have expanded to more than 50% share of total sales.

At the same time imported, advanced medical device products, such as the abdominal stent graft or the atrial septal defect closure device, have been introduced into Japan and have received a high evaluation. We are determined to continue to further enhance our strength as a full-service distributor and as a manufacturer so that we can deliver the best and the latest devices to patients.

...for patient comfort.
In order to support the patients’ energy to live, we will not be satisfied with the present. We will keep challenging.

President and CEO

Keisuke Suzuki

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