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...for patient comfort. To support the zest for living President and CEO Keisuke Suzuki

Our company was founded in 1981, and we have been committed to delivering the latest and most optimal medical devices to the medical field as quickly as possible.

The "latest and optimal" medical devices are not just about providing excellent therapeutic effects. It is also extremely important to reduce the physical burden on patients and solve various problems in the medical field. While tackling this mission, we have established a unique business model that combines the functions of a distributor and a manufacturer. We are committed to introducing the latest medical devices from overseas to Japan and developing products that reflect the needs of the medical professionals.

In addition to the cardiovascular field, which we have traditionally specialized in, we have also entered the neurovascular and gastrointestinal fields. We entered the neurovascular field by securing a long-term exclusive distribution agreement as a distributor. In the gastrointestinal field, we have demonstrated our competitiveness by building a differentiated product portfolio based on our own technology as a manufacturer.

By leveraging this business model, we will continue to provide truly valuable medical devices to the medical settings in a timely manner and strive to contribute to the realization of a healthy society.

President and CEO

Keisuke Suzuki

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