This website provides corporate information about Japan Lifeline Co., Ltd.(JLL)for the convenience of our shareholders and investors, and it is not intended for solicitation of investments. Please make any investment decisions based on your own judgment and responsibility without undue reliance on the information of this website.

We take utmost care for publication of information to this website; however, we do not guarantee the accuracy of the published information. JLL, regardless of the reason, .shall not be responsible for any damages or failure caused by publication of false information, information tampering by third parties or download of data etc.

Regarding publication of information that we disclosed to the stock exchange, etc. on this website, there are cases where publication may be delayed significantly, the information may not be fully published, or the different expressions may be used for publication. Please also understand that the information already published may be revised or deleted without prior notice.

With the exception of historical facts, the information published on this Website consists of forward-looking statements according to the judgment of JLL, based on the information currently available, which entails uncertainties and risks. Accordingly, actual results may differ materially from those forward-looking statements. Furthermore, JLL undertakes no obligation to publicly update the already published forward-looking statements based on any new information or future events, except for the case required under laws and regulations.

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