Human Resources

Basic Approach to Human Resources

In order to realize our management philosophy, we have set our vision of the ideal human resources as “people who can think and act on their own, people who are sincere and never lie”. We also want employees to grow, always having a mindset to learn new things proactively, a mindset to improve their insight as professionals, and a mindset that is not individualistic and respects teamwork. Fostering such human resources will, we believe, lead to sustainable growth that leverages our strengths.

We also believe that a company can only create new value when diverse human resources feel that their work is rewarding and can play an active role. To this end, we are working to eliminate all prejudice and discrimination to create a workplace where employees have respect for each other. In addition, we recognize that diversification of work styles is an important issue, and we will review related systems.

Basic Data on Human Resources

Unit FY3/2019 FY3/2020 FY3/2021 FY3/2022 FY3/2023
Number of employees (consolidated) people 932 1,074* 1,167* 1,205* 1166*
 Men people 654 775 779 760 733
 Women people 278 299 388 445 433
Ratio of female employees % 30 28 33 37 37
Number of employees (Non-consolidated) people 850 995* 995* 984* 962*
 Men people 642 760 759 741 720
 Women people 208 235 236 243 242
Ratio of female employees % 24 24 24 25 25
Average age (non-consolidated) years old 39.0 39.2 39.9 40.5 41.4
 Men years old 40.2 40.5 41.2 41.7 42.7
 Women years old 35.2 35.5 36.2 36.9 37.5
Average years of service (Non-consolidated) years 8.5 8.9 9.6 10.2 10.5
 Men years 9.5 9.9 10.5 11.1 11.3
 Women years 5.7 5.9 6.8 7.5 8.0

* including seconded employees

Efforts to Support the Activities of Diverse Human Resources

Initiatives in Recruitment

We constantly hire both candidates from the same and different industries, not only when hiring new graduates every year, but also when hiring mid-career workers. We need a diversity of human resources to make up a well-balanced team, with mid-career workers from the same industry as specialists, and those from the different industries as new inspiration, so that we can continue to take on new challenges.

We are also looking for people who can work in the global field, regardless of nationality or whether they are new graduates or mid-career workers, as opportunities to do business with overseas companies are increasing.

On the other hand, since we have offices all over Japan, we have introduced the specified region work system and the specified duty work system since 2018, and try to recruit in accordance with various needs.

Promotion of Active Participation of Female Workers

Currently, women comprise approximately 25% of our workforce. Due to the nature of the industry, women are less likely to be engaged, especially in the sales department, where the number of women is significantly lower. At present, there is one woman on the Board of Directors and a few women in management positions.

We recognize that it is important to keep the ratio of men and women in the company close to the ratio in society in order to be conscious of diversity. For this reason, we are actively recruiting women in the hiring of new graduates by providing information for women on the recruitment page of our website. In principle, we conduct flat evaluations without regard to gender. In this context, we hold lectures, in-house training sessions, and internal forums to enable women to step up without discrimination, with the aim of achieving an equal ratio of men and women in management in the future.

In April 2018, we are striving to create an environment where women can work comfortably in terms of both hardware and software, including the establishment of an on-site daycare center at Medical Technology Park so that workers who are mainly involved in manufacturing can work with peace of mind.

Heart Park Childcare Center

Heart Park Childcare Center

Maternity and Childcare Support System

We have a maternity and childcare support system that includes maternity leave, spousal maternity leave, childcare leave, and a system to shorten working hours for childcare. If necessary, we have established an environment in which employees can communicate with the company using the business chat function during childcare leave.

The return-to-work rate from childcare leave is maintained at almost 100%, and we provide support so that our employees can continue to play an active role after returning to work.

Initiatives for Work-Life Balance

As part of efforts to optimize the work-life balance, the Human Resources Department continues to manage overtime hours.

In order to realize flexible work styles, remote work, flextime, and staggered work schedules were introduced in FY2020.

Other efforts, such as the implementation of no-overtime days, have had the effect of reducing average overtime hours by 23% over the past five years.

Long-Term Leave Support System

We have introduced the long-term leave support system (Group Long Term Disability Insurance = GLTD) as a part of our employee benefit program. This system compensates for the loss of income in case an employee is unable to work for a long period due to sudden illness or injury, and helps to create an environment in which employees can focus on medical treatment without financial worries.

Medical Security System

Cancer has become a disease that can be cured through outpatient treatment, as the medical technology advances.

We have taken out medical insurance to cover the costs of hospitalization and treatment for cancer, and support the employees to take cancer treatment without leaving the job.

We have also introduced a system for all employees, including full-time and part-time staff, to cover hospitalization and surgery expenses for injuries caused by accidents during work and private life, as well as those caused from illnesses.

Initiative for Employment of People with Disabilities

We are continuously recruiting people with disabilities throughout year, mainly in our administrative department. Due to the characteristic of our business, we often receive inquiries from people who use artificial blood vessels and pacemakers.

We are committed to employing people with disabilities at a rate always exceeding the statutory rate, and strive to create a work environment in which each employee can take advantage of his or her strengths.

As of April 1, 2021, the employment rate of people with disabilities is 2.39%, which is higher than the statutory rate, but we will continue to promote the stabilization of employment and the improvement of the work environment.

Utilization of Senior Human Resources

In order to accommodate the shortage of workers due to the declining birthrate and aging population, we have introduced a system of extending the retirement age to 65 with the aim of utilizing senior human resources.

Consideration for Sexual Minorities

Although we have not established any rules or regulations specific to the consideration of sexual minorities, we are committed to take appropriate measures as necessary based on the concept of respect for human rights as stated in our Code of Conduct, which defines the actions that all employees should take.

In some of the offices, we are taking initiatives such as installing unisex restrooms.

Initiatives in Education, Training and Evaluation

Systems for Human Resource Development

We provide training to provide employees with the abilities and skills that they are required to possess as well as career-specific training based on how many years they have worked for the company, their position, age, and other factors in order to promote the growth of each employee and support career development. In addition to providing each employee with the opportunity to take training courses to acquire skills relevant to his or her work, the program also allows for self-directed learning through e-learning.

For new graduates that join the Company, not only on-the-job training but also follow-up training is provided on a regular basis, and job rotation is conducted around three years after joining the Company with the aim of fostering their development by providing them with a variety of experiences.

In addition, we are working to realize autonomous career development by providing opportunities to take on new challenges through our internal recruitment system and self-application system.

Support for Specialized Knowledge Acquisition

As we handle highly controlled medical devices, our employees, who sell and develop products, need to acquire specialized knowledge.

In particular, employees involved in the sale and marketing of implantable medical devices such as cardiac pacemakers and implantable cardioverter defibrillators (ICD), which are our core products, are required to obtain CDR* certification. We maintain a high certification test pass rate by having established a systematic in-house education system and providing follow-up training that corresponds to the level of each examinee.

As of June 30, 2023, 353 employees (37% of the Company’s employees) have obtained CDR certification to provide support for the proper and safe use of products at medical sites throughout Japan.

*CDR (Cardiac Device Representative): An expert who possesses specialized knowledge and skills that provides information on medical devices and medical technology including cardiac pacemakers and implantable cardioverter defibrillators (ICD). The certifying body for CDR certification is the Japanese Heart Rhythm Society.

Personnel Evaluation System

We have introduced a multifaceted evaluation process in FY2019. Evaluation is conducted on line managers by their subordinates and some of their colleagues to assess their job performance and attitude as leaders.

We believe that we can understand an employee more multilaterally by evaluating from various perspectives of the employees who work together.

In the future, we intend to reflect these evaluations in our personnel and organizational planning.

Self-assessment system

Each year, we offer all employees the opportunity to self-assess their performance.

A questionnaire-style "communication sheet" is set up on the intranet for employees to answer questions about their future career, transfer requests, training, and desires for the company and workplace in a name-only format.

The aggregate results are reported to the directors and are also used as a reference in personnel system and organizational changes, as well as personnel transfers.

In addition, through the "internal recruitment system," we provide opportunities to take on challenges in other departments and positions, ranging from sales to marketing, development and manufacturing, pharmaceutical affairs, and administration.

Engagement Survey

We are committed to "creating a workplace where employees can work with peace of mind" and "developing human resources and providing opportunities for them to play an active role".

Each year, we conduct an engagement survey of all employees.

In addition to satisfaction with the company and the job, questions were set up about harassment, workload, health status, etc,
We obtained multifaceted answers.

Based on the aggregate results, we are examining measures and initiatives to improve employee engagement.

Initiatives to Support Employees’ Safety and Health

Occupational Safety and Health

In our rules of employment, we require our employees to "keep themselves healthy and strive to perform at their best during working hours".

In terms of occupational health and safety, the human resources department plays a central role in promoting occupational health and safety in cooperation with other departments.

Safety management is particularly prioritized at development and manufacturing facilities, and no serious accidents have occurred so far.

Initiatives for Safe Driving

Since our sales activities require us to drive cars, we are committed to enhancing awareness of safe driving.

Telematics terminals and drive recorders are installed in the company-owned cars to monitor the driving conditions, and to keep track of speed and other data. If a driver breaks the regulations, he or she will be subject to an internal suspension, and employees are instructed to refrain from sales activities that exceed 5,000km of driving distance per month for health management purposes.

Moreover, accident-free awards and SD card awards are presented to motivate employees for safe driving.

We are considering including eco-driving in the evaluation of awards as well in the future.

Initiatives for Health Management

JLL Health Declaration

Our corporate identity is "Contributing to the realization of a healthy society through the latest optimal medical device technologies". We believe that the realization of this corporate identity is achieved by employees and their families who are healthy and full of vitality in terms of both physically and mentally. We place the highest priority on the health of our employees and their families, and will promote the following initiatives.

  1. 1. JLL is committed to maintain and promote the health of its employees as an important management theme, and aims to create an organizational culture that prioritizes health and safety.
  2. 2. JLL provides an environment in which employees can work healthy in terms of both physically and mentally.
  3. 3. JLL supports the promotion of health of our employees and their families.

Japan Lifeline Co., Ltd. President and CEO

Keisuke Suzuki

Background and Purpose of JLL Health Declaration

Based on the idea that it is important for the JLL Group to create an environment in which employees can work healthily as it pursues corporate activities, JLL has issued Health Declaration to clearly state the importance of supports for the maintenance and promotion of health of employees and their families as an important management issue. One of our priority goals is to encourage employees to undergo physical examinations from a young age (mainly around 30 years old), which lead to early detection and treatment of diseases. In addition, we encourage lifestyle improvement and medical consultation in cooperation with industrial physicians to maintain and improve the health of employees.


We promote health management through active exchange of opinions, grasp and analysis of health-related data, planning and implementation of measures, as well as evaluation and improvement, mainly by members of the health and safety committee, including human resources and general affairs departments and the industrial physician, with the president and CEO as the chief executive. Furthermore, we implement company-wide health management measures by proactively cooperating with the health insurance association and reporting to the board of directors and the management meeting as necessary.

Specific Activities

<Management Initiatives>

Matters related to employee health are shared with management and department leaders for prompt planning and implementation of measures.

<Initiatives for Work-Life Balance>

We have adopted remote working, flextime, and staggered work hours, with the aim of "creating a more comfortable working environment for employees while ensuring their private life is fulfilled."

In addition, we also strive to create a work environment that encourages employees to use leave systems, such as childcare leave. Moreover, we take measures to reduce overtime hours, which include establishing no-overtime days, and conducting personnel evaluations based on performance during working hours.

<Implementation of Stress Check Test>

Stress check tests are conducted annually for all employees, and we take prompt action if there is any problem to ensure a healthy working environment.

<Interview with Industrial Physician>

Counseling services are encouraged for employees and applicants who are considered to have lifestyle problems.

<Measures against Infections>

We promote the prevention of infections within the company by requiring employees who have a risk of exposure to blood or body fluids in the medical field, such as sales representatives and marketing staff, to be tested for hepatitis B and C viruses.

<Maintenance of Office Environment>

To maintain and improve our health, reduce stress and refresh employees, we have introduced standing meeting rooms, a training room and balance balls, trying to provide a working environment where motion becomes a part of daily work.

Systems for Human Resource Development