Supply Chain Management

Supplier Selection and Management

We have a full-service distributing company function to import products from overseas and sell them, and a manufacturer function to manufacture and sell products. Suppliers in the full-service distributing company function are mainly overseas medical device manufacturers, while suppliers in the manufacturer function are both domestic and overseas contractors for raw materials and outsourced processing.

In the full-service distributing company function, each business unit takes the lead in checking for antisocial forces and confirming the financial status before concluding transaction contracts, and in the manufacturer function, the research and development unit does the same.

In addition, as a part of the formulation of a BCP (Business Continuity Plan) for the manufacturer function, we conducted a survey and understanding of the supply capacity of suppliers. The primary suppliers of each plant are listed and organized together with related items of our production and candidate substitutes for mass production materials. In addition, we have compiled a map showing the locations of all primary and secondary suppliers in Japan, so that we can understand the extent of the impact in the event of a disaster.

We will continue our efforts to duplicate purchasing and encourage each supplier to adopt and maintain the same BCP measures as we have.