Supply Chain Management

Secure stable supply of products

As a company that handles medical devices that are critical to the lives of patients, the stable supply of products is a major responsibility. Therefore, we are taking various measures to achieve this.

In addition to efforts to secure multiple production lines for the manufacture of in-house products, we are building a system that enables us to substitute the manufacture of all products at our domestic plants in the event of an emergency, based on our experience during the COVID-19 pandemic, since we are highly dependent on our overseas plants and those of our business partners. We also conduct risk assessments of suppliers in the procurement of parts and materials, and take measures such as securing multiple suppliers for important parts and high-risk parts.

In addition, we will always keep a certain number of inventories of products. If supply difficulties are expected due to disruptions in manufacturing and distribution, we will respond by accumulating inventories to the largest extent possible.

Furthermore, we have formulated a business continuity plan (BCP) to prepare for business interruptions caused by large-scale natural disasters.

Procurement Policy

Our management philosophy, "Contributing to the realization of a healthy society through the latest optimal medical device technologies", represents the basic concept underlying all of our activities. Based on this, we will make the following efforts in procuring goods, materials, services, etc.

Procurement Policy

Fairness  Global opportunities for fair transactions

We will provide fair opportunities for competition to all suppliers globally.

Advanced  Secure the latest technological capabilities and product safety

We will constantly search for the latest and most appropriate technology that makes our products different. We aim to ensure product safety through cooperative relationships with our suppliers.

Compliance Abide by laws, regulations, and social norms

We will comply with relevant laws and regulations. We do sound and fair procurement activities with social norms.

Win-Win  Collaborate with suppliers with trust and integrity on the long-term

We will build long-term relationships of trust with our suppliers and strive for mutual development through study and cooperation.

Main items for selecting suppliers

    Our suppliers should:
  1. Comply with laws, regulations, social norms, etc., and care human rights and environmental issues.
  2. Be financially sound.
  3. Meet the quality, price, and delivery time of materials and services at an appropriate level.
  4. Be able to provide a stable supply and respond to changes in supply and demand in a flexible manner.
  5. Have technical capabilities to contribute to increase our product values.
  6. Be able to maintain supply even if unexpected disasters, etc. occur.

Requests to Suppliers

    We ask our suppliers to:
  1. Comply with laws, regulations, and social norms
  2. Care for human rights and occupational health and safety
  3. Care for the environment
    We will give preference to suppliers who are actively engaged in environmental conservation and will select materials with less environmental impact.
  4. Continue sound business management
  5. Ensure excellent quality
    We request that suppliers meet the standards of our quality assurance system. In addition, we ask suppliers for their cooperation with designated procedures for change management (production discontinuation and specification change).
  6. Provide products at reasonable prices
    We expect suppliers to offer market-competitive prices and do activities to reduce cost.
  7. Ensure reliable delivery dates
    We expect suppliers to meet delivery deadlines and to establish a flexible supply system that can respond to fluctuations in supply and demand.
  8. Strengthen technical capabilities that can help our product development
    We expect suppliers to make efforts for further cutting-edge technological capabilities
  9. Continue supply even if any unexpected disasters, etc. occur
    We ask suppliers to make appropriate BCP to prepare for unpredictable events such as natural disasters, and cooperate if any emergency events occur. We also ask for cooperation in risk management initiatives to minimize possible risks at normal times.
  10. Protect confidential information
    We will disclose information necessary for business transactions to suppliers. We ask suppliers to appropriately manage and protect confidential information that they obtained.