Sustainability Management

Sustainability Policy

Our corporate identity is "Contributing to the realization of a healthy society through the latest optimal medical device technologies". As a company that deals with medical devices, we aim to enhance our corporate value by pursuing not only the economic value of providing excellent medical devices to patients and medical professionals, but also the social value of realizing a healthy society. In addition to practicing our management philosophy, we will also focus on strengthening the foundation that will enable us to achieve sustainable growth over the medium to long term by implementing various initiatives to promote ESG in order to meet the expectations and demands of the various stakeholders surrounding us.

By strengthening our ESG-related initiatives and aiming for sustainable enhancement of corporate value, we will meet the expectations of our various stakeholders, including patients and their families, medical professionals, shareholders and investors, business partners, employees, and local communities.

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Identifying Materiality

Materiality Identification Process

In June 2021, we identified the important issues(materiality) shown as below.

<Procedures for Identifying Materiality>

STEP1.Identifying Social Issues

Identified social issues by referring to evaluation items in international sustainability guidelines (GRI, SASB, SDGs). Created a comprehensive long list of social issues and organized the items to create a short list of social issues (27 items).

STEP2.Prioritizing Social Issues

Evaluated and prioritized individual social issues by using the two axes of "importance to the company" and "importance to stakeholders.”

Created a matrix and selected candidates for the materiality that should be prioritized and initiated by the company.


Confirmed the validity of the selected candidates of materiality through discussions by the members of the board.

STEP4.Identifying materiality

Organized the identified materiality into the following two categories.

“Issues to be Resolved Through the Business”
“Issues to be Addressed to Strengthen the Business Foundation”

Starting from the identified materiality, we will promote ESG-related initiatives through setting KPIs and targets, developing a roadmap, implementing initiatives, monitoring progress, and disclosing information of the results.


We categorize the 7 materiality into 2 categories, “issues to be resolved through the business” and “issues to be addressed to strengthen the business foundation” and set major theme for each materiality.

● Issues to be Resolved through the Business

Area Materiality Major Theme
Realizing a Healthy Society
Solving Medical Issues Through Innovative Medical Devices
  • Improving the Safety, Efficacy and Efficiency of Treatment
  • Reduce the Physical Burden on Patients
  • Providing New Treatment Options

● Issues to be Addressed to Strengthen the Business Foundation

Area Materiality Major Theme
Consideration for the Global Environment
Reduction of Environmental Impact
  • Efficient Use of Resources
  • Reduction and Proper Disposal of Waste
  • Reduction of Greenhouse Gases
Creating a Rewarding Workplace
Supply of Safe and Reliable Products
Creating a Workplace Where Employees Can Work with Comfort
  • Creating a Comfortable Work Environment
  • Respecting Human Rights
  • Respecting Diversity
Provision of Opportunities
  • Enhancement of Education and Training
  • Utilization of Diverse Human Resources
Product Quality and Stable Supply
  • Maintenance and Strengthening the Quality Control System
  • Stable Supply of Products
Acts as a Responsible Company
Strengthening Corporate Governance
  • Strengthening of Auditing and Supervisory Functions
  • Objectivity and Transparency in Management Decision Making and Business Execution
  • Strengthening of Risk Management Activities
Promotion of Compliance
  • Ensuring Fairness and Transparency in Corporate Activities