Message from the Management

Firstly, we would like to convey our deep gratitude to all of our shareholders and investors for their ongoing warm support.

Japan Lifeline started out in 1981 as a distributor of cardiac pacemakers. Since then, we have expanded our business by building up a domestic sales network and expanding our product lineup. To address unmet needs of the medical community, we began developing our own products in 1999. In recent years, our own products have grown to account for over half of our sales revenue, allowing us to establish a unique business model in which we are both a manufacturer and a specialized distributor.

In Japan, factors such as the aging population are leading to an increase in cardiovascular diseases, while rising medical expenditure is putting pressure on the health care system of the country. Companies dealing in medical devices are being called upon to deliver products, which are minimally invasive for the patients and also offer excellent economic values, to the clinical fields.

Other countries are seeing the steady development of medical devices which respond to such societal needs. To introduce and promote the wide use of such products in Japan, we need to obtain regulatory approvals, share information, offer training programs, and build networks with doctors working in the front lines. We believe one of our roles is to deliver excellent products swiftly to the medical fields in Japan, leveraging our long years of experience and expertise in the cardiovascular field.

In the country which relies heavily on imported medical products, we are one of the few domestic manufacturers of medical devices, competing with global manufacturers and maintaining a large share in the market. To further improve our development prowess, we are upgrading our Research Center, and also as a part of our continuous efforts for the future growth of our manufacturing business, we are preparing to start the operation of our new Malaysia Factory now.

We are also working to enter new treatment fields such as gastroenterology where our technologies can be utlized and also to accelerate development of our business in the overseas markets as our top-priority challenges. While responding to and supporting the rapid expansion of our current business, we will look further ahead in pursuing initiatives to achieve further growth.

Keisuke Suzuki
President and CEO