Message from the Management

President and CEO Keisuke Suzuki

Dear fellow investors and shareholders,

First and foremost, I want to express my sincere gratitude to our shareholders and investors for their continued support. At Japan Lifeline, our core focus has always been delivering the latest and most effective medical devices in the cardiovascular field to patients and medical institutions.

Our journey began in 1981 as a full-service distributor specializing in cardiac pacemakers. This was an exciting time when the potential of medical devices for therapy was just emerging. Since then, medical technology has advanced rapidly, making therapy more effective and less invasive.

Amidst these changes, we worked hard to introduce the latest international medical devices to the Japanese market, expanding our scope of therapeutic areas beyond arrhythmia-related devices to include aortic and ischemic cardiovascular disease treatments. In 1999, we started developing our own products to meet the specific needs of Japanese doctors. We take pride in our in-house products, which are developed in close collaboration with doctors and highly regarded for their ability to improve patients' quality of life. These products, including our unique offerings, have become the foundation of our business.

In recent years, we have experienced rapid growth, establishing a unique business model that combines being a full-service distributor and a manufacturer. In May 2023, we announced a new medium-term plan for the next five years, aiming to expand our presence in the neurovascular and gastrointestinal areas, in addition to our existing focus on cardiovascular therapies. Our goal is to achieve steady sales growth and stable profits by continuously introducing competitive products. We will also prioritize capital efficiency to enhance our long-term corporate value.

Guided by our management philosophy of "Contributing to the realization of a healthy society through the latest and optimal medical device technologies," we are committed to fulfilling our responsibilities as a company. We will strive to meet the expectations and trust of our stakeholders, including patients, medical professionals, and employees.


May, 2023
Keisuke Suzuki
President and CEO

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