Message from the Management

President and CEO Keisuke Suzuki

Firstly, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to our shareholders and investors for their continued appreciation. We, Japan Lifeline, have thus far moved forward focusing on delivering the latest optimal medical devices specializing in the cardiovascular field to patients and medical institutions as the core of our business.

Our foundation goes back to 1981. We started as a full-service distributor specializing in cardiac pacemakers. That time was the infancy stage of pacemaker therapy, when light began to shine on the potential for therapy by medical devices. Since then, medical technology has progressed at a remarkable speed. The therapy has improved its effectiveness and has become much less invasive as well.

Amid these changes, we worked to introduce the latest overseas medical devices into the Japanese market, expanding the field of therapy to include not only arrhythmia-related devices, but also therapy of aorta and ischemic cardiovascular diseases. In 1999, we began developing our own products to meet the needs of Japanese doctors for medical devices. We are proud that our in-house products, which accurately reflect the opinions of doctors from the start of the developing processes, have been highly regarded and used in clinical settings to improve patients’ quality of life. To date, our in-house manufactured products have become the foundation of our business, including one-of-a-kind products.

In recent years, our speed of growth has been very rapid. We have achieved the establishment of a unique business model that combines two business foundations: "a full-service distributor" and "a manufacturer". As a manufacturer, we have timely supplied superior in-house products, including one-of-a-kind products, to the market. Our nationwide sales network, which we have cultivated over many years in the pacemaker and other distribution businesses plus our management resources, such as face-to-face relationships with healthcare professionals, form the foundation of this hybrid business model. In order to translate this rapid expansion in business scale into sustainable growth over the medium to long term, it is essential to further strengthen the edge of this unique business model.

As a distributor, we will swiftly introduce superior products from overseas manufacturers into Japan with initiatives to further increase the profitability of our distribution business. As a manufacturer, we will strengthen the R&D capabilities and accelerate the development of highly novel products. In addition, we will challenge ourselves to develop therapeutic areas, branching out from the cardiovascular field by applying our proprietary technologies. With regard to production capacity, we will further strengthen our production system by starting full-scale production at our Malaysian factory, which began operations in June 2020.

Along with the company’s growth, we will contribute to the realization of a healthy society through the latest optimal medical device technologies.

President and CEO
Keisuke Suzuki

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