About Japan Lifeline

What does Japan Lifeline do?

JLL is an independent medical device company that engages in two types of business, full-service distributing and a manufacturer.

Japan Lifeline is a fully independent distributor and also an independent manufacturer of medical devices, emphasizing its expertise in the cardiovascular field.

Medical device full-service distributor
Medical device manufacturer

As a distributor specialized in the cardiovascular field, we started to import and distribute cardiac pacemakers since in 1981. Along with our newly added gastrointestinal interventions products, we continue to support the medical front lines of Japan.
To provide patients and medical staffs in Japan with the latest and best medical devices, we focuses on introducing leading-edge medical devices from abroad while also researching and developing our own in-house products to meet the precise needs of medical staffs.

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What kind of products does Japan Lifeline Distribute in?

Japan Lifeline's Product Lineup includes medical devices for cardiac, vascular, and gastrointestinal diseases.

Supporting the needs of Japan's medical front line, we provide the necessary devices of multiple different clinical fields.


We mainly provide implantable devices to treat arrhythmias where the heartbeat becomes slower or faster than normal.

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We provide disposable catheter devices with electrodes for diagnosis and treatment of arrhythmias.

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We provide vascular grafts to treat the blood vessels that have lost their functions.

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We provide devices for intravascular treatment of cardiac infarction, arterial occlusions of the lower extremities and congenital cardiac diseases using catheters through percutaneous approach.

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We provide an ablation system for the treatment of liver cancer and colonic stent for the treatment of colorectal cancer.

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What is the corporate identity of Japan Lifeline

... for patient comfort. To support the zest for living

Our corporate identity is

"Contributing to the realization of a healthy society through the latest optimal medical device technologies".

“Is it appropriate for the patient? Is it valuable for the patient?”
These questions are always at the center of our focus, and we are constantly striving to provide excellent medical devices.

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