1981 Feb

Japan Lifeline Co., Ltd. established in Toshima-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Released cardiac pacemaker

Opened Sapporo, Osaka and Fukuoka sales offices

1987 Sep Opened Sendai and Hamamatsu sales offices
1989 Mar Released PTCA balloon catheter
Jul Opened Aomori and Nagoya sales offices
Sep Opened Hiroshima sales office


1990 Mar Released prosthetic heart valve
Sep Opened Kagoshima sales office
1991 Jul

Opened Hokuriku sales office

Released vascular graft

1992 Jan Opened logistics center (currently Haneda Logistics Center)
Feb Opened Urawa sales office
Apr Opened Tokyo (currently Tokyo sales officeⅠ) and Matsuyama sales offices
Sep Opened Yokohama and Okayama sales offices
1993 Oct Opened Niigata sales office
1994 Jan Released PTCA guide wire
Mar Released PTCA guiding catheter
Jun Opened Kitakyushu sales office

Opened Akita and Takamatsu sales offices

Released pump-oxygenator

1995 Nov Released oxygenator and electrophysiology catheter
1996 Nov Opened Koriyama sales office
1997 Oct Opened Kyoto sales office
Dec Registered over-the-counter stock with the Japan Securities Dealers Association, initial public offering
1998 Feb Released PTCA stent
1999 Aug Established Research center (currently 1st R&D Division and 2nd R&D Division)


2000 Oct Established Ukima factory (manufacturing facility)
2001 Apr

Opened Matsumoto sales office

Released PTCA guide wires as an in-house product

Aug Released ICD (implantable cardioverter defibrillator)
Oct Opened Nagasaki sales office
2002 Apr Released electrophysiology catheter as an in-house product
2003 Apr

Opened Chiba sales office

Released ablation catheter as an in-house product

2004 Apr Opened Yonago sales office
2005 Aug Released atrial septal defect closing device
Nov Opened Okinawa regional office (currently sales office)
2006 Apr

Acquired ISO13485:2003 certification (For the Quality Assurance Division, Ichihara Factory, Toda Factory,Oyama Factory, Haneda Logistics Center,and Kansai Logistics Center)

Opened Kumamoto regional office (currently sales office)

Dec Released CRT-D (cardiac resynchronization therapy defibrillators)
2007 Jun Entered into exclusive sales agreement for Sorin Group CRM (MicroPort CRM)(cardiac rhythm management) products
Jul Opened Tennoz Accademia (Education center)

Merged with Sorin Group Japan Co., Ltd. through absorption-type merger

Opened Morioka regional office

2008 Jan Relocated head office to shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
2009 Feb Subsidized JUNKEN MEDICAL Co., Ltd.(formerly Ube Junken Co.,Ltd.)
Apr Released vascular grafts manufactured by JUNKEN MEDICAL Co., Ltd.


2010 May Opened Ibaraki regional office (currently sales office)
Oct Opened Kobe sales office
Dec Estbablished Ichihara factory by JUNKEN MEDICAL Co., Ltd.
2011 Oct Opened Tama sales office
2012 Jan Established Toda factory
Apr Opened Gunma and Oita regional offices (currently sales offices)
Oct Released internal atrial cardioversion catheter as an in-house product
Nov Released biological heart valve
Dec Established HEART BRAINS INC.
2013 May

Released thoracic stent graft

Released radio-frequency transseptal needle

2014 Apr Released PTCA balloon catheter as an in-house product
Jul Released open stent graft manufactured by JUNKEN MEDICAL
Oct Established Oyama Factory
2015 Apr Released esophageal temperature monitoring catheter as an in-house product
Dec Opened Numazu regional office
2016 Jan

Released abdominal stent graft

Merged with HEART BRAINS INC. through absorption-type merger

May Changed exchange market from the JASDAQ (Standard) market to the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
Jul Opened Hakodate and Mie (currently sales office) regional offices
2017 Apr

Merged with JUNKEN MEDICAL Co., Ltd. through absorption-type merger

Opened Tokyo sales office Ⅱ and Fukui (currently sales office), Nara (currently sales office), Himeji (currently sales office), Yamaguchi and Miyazaki regional offices

May Opened Asahikawa and Kushiro regional offices
Jun Released colonic stent as an in-house product
Jul Established JLL Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. (currently consolidated)
Oct Opened Utsunomiya and Shizuoka regional offices (currently sales offices)
2018 Mar Released drug-eluting stent
Apr Opened Kochi regional office

Opened Kansai Logistics Center

Released endoscopic laser ablation catheter

Nov Entered into exclusive sales agreement for Boston Scientific corporation for CRM (cardiac rhythm management) products
2019 Apr Released S-ICD (subcutaneous implantable cardioverter defibrillator)
Nov Established JLL Korea Co.,Ltd. (non-consolidated)
Dec Released radiofrequency ablation system for the treatment of liver cancer as an in-house product


2020 Jun

Opened Yamagata and Yamanashi regional offices

Estbablished Malaysia factory by JLL Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.

2021 Dec

Released intravascular embolic coil

2022 Feb

Released implantable treatment device for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA)


Changed exchange market from the First Section to Prime of the Tokyo Stock Exchange


Entered into exclusive sales agreement for Wallaby Medical (HK) Limited for Neurovascular Products


Released Patch-Type ECG Recorder

2023 May

Released thrombus aspiration catheter

Acquired MDSAP (Medical Device Single Audit Program)


Released vascular closure device for femoral veins

Entered into exclusive distribution agreement for Meril Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd. for transcatheter heart valve

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